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My Ambition In Life Essay To Become A Pilot


We have several family friends who are working in the Indian Air Force. Most of them are pilots. So, ever since my childhood I have developed a keen interest in the Indian Air Force. I wish to be a pilot. I have heard that the life of the pilot is full of thrill, adventure and challenge. All these attracted one to join the Indian Air Force as the pilot. Whenever I hear the drone of an aircraft I look up to see it. Now I can ascertain the type of plane that is “moving” in the air.

Indian Air Force consists of different types of aircrafts for different purposes. Transport aircrafts now consist of AN-32 and IL-76 besides Auro 748. Fighter- interceptors are Mig 21, 21 M, 21 BIS, Mig 23, Mig 25, Mig 27 and Mig 29. Ajeet, Mirage 2000 etc. Bombers are Canberra and Jaguar. Indian Navy has some other types of aircraft. Besides, there are different types of Helicopters are in Air Force and Navy. Many types of aircrafts are manufactured in India by H.A.L.

I wish to be a pilot because I wish to lead an active life. As a pilot I can be active and face various types of challenges. An action and challenge free career is termed as “dull” life. I have no faith in such a life.

Defence services including Air Force, observe strict rules and discipline. It is another factor for which I wish to be a pilot. Pilot enjoys good salary and status besides opportunities to attain better ranks. All these are the charms that have fascinated me to be a pilot. As a pilot I can serve the nation.

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You seem very mature on your outlook on this and i congratulate you on that. You seem cautious, and rightly so. Its a BIG decision embarking on this career. Once your in...you can guarantee that financially, you will find it very hard for a good few years.

You have all the time in the world to make your decision. When I was 14, all i could think of was flying planes. I loved planes and everything about them so much.

Then when i was 16, I left school, got a job as a landscaper and did that for years.

I'd never saved any money up until 2 years ago when i decided that I had to become a pilot. Im 25 now. Im glad i didnt do any of it until now. I enjoyed my teens so much. Partied, experienced life, love and many other things.

Despite what other people will constantly tell you on here, it isn't as difficult as they all make out.

I saved $10,000 and came to Canada to do my PPL. I saved that in 1 year of hard work. I now live here and took out $40,000 of student line of credit. With that I will obtain my CPL (almost done now) Multi-IR and maybe an instructor rating.

I have friends all finished in the last year, all of them are in flying jobs right now, granted they had to uproot and move (but thats the nature of the game).

DON'T do any of it now. Live a little, go to UNI, go for being an AME (Aviation Mechanic) great idea and fly once you have experienced life a little.

Don't give up on it though, its great fun, I love flying so much and would not rather be training for anything else.

Goodluck with all your endeavours.

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