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Traffic Problems In India Essay For Kids

The Traffic Problem In India And Proposed Solutions

Case Study 1

Indian government is facing the problem of traffic congestion in its four metro cities namely Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai. Delhi is the worst affected. Reports say that on an average 1,200 vehicles are added to Delhi roads daily. In September 2010, Mail Today carried a report quoting CRRI scientists. It said, "Six years of Delhiites’, careers are spent in snarls as 7 million man hours and Rs. 100 crore in productivity are lost to gridlocks, making the capital the worst congested city in India. “What has the ministry worried is that though the Master Plan projection for public transport usage is an impressive 80 per cent by 2020, it has actually slipped to under 40 per cent at current rates. For the purpose of managing the traffic and to meet the goals of the Master Plan, the government of Delhi has shortlisted your company in providing advice to conquer this problem.
Q1. What are the key factors you will consider in analyzing the problem? What methods you will use in analyzing the factors?
Q2. The government is expecting a model which works on a cost effective basis. The revenue received from the private vehicles should be compensated in some way. Suggest a model with detailed justification.

Ans. 1 Some factors that are to be considered to analyze the problem are:
1. Flow of traffic- one of the factors that we can consider is flow of traffic, to determine the time slots and the areas having maximum traffic load. Determining this can help us in framing strategies by focusing on areas and points which need attention.

2. Availability of Public transport- Another factor to be considered is availability of public transport. What are the alternatives available to public Understanding this can help us reduce the problem of traffic congestion. One can improve the availability of existing public transport or can plan development of new modes of public transport and can encourage public to use public transport thereby reducing traffic congestion. For example, taking example of Delhi/NCR introduction of Delhi Metro and Mono Rail in Gurgaon has some what resulted in reducing the volume of traffic.

3. Reach of Public transport- Another factor to be considered is how much area does public transport cover. What is the reach of public transport? How close can public transport drop you to your actual destination? This factor can help us in determining areas where there is scope for improvement in connectivity of public transport. Analyzing this factor can help us in framing adequate strategies.

4. Mental outlook and approach of people towards public transport- People may not comfortable with the idea of using public transport. Many people think it would be against their status to use public transport. Why would they use public transport if they can afford to own their mode of transport? This outlook is especially true in case of Delhiites. Also, there is concern for safety. Many people don’t think public...

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Traffic is one of the most common issues in the big cities around the world. Traffic may cause chemical pollution and also sound pollution. By Moving big companies from cities to countryside, managing the conflict hours, and encouraging people to use public transportation, we will overcome this problem.

There are lots of companies with a large number of employees in this area. These companies started to work years ago and grew slowly over these years. We should consider moving them to the countryside. By this change less employees drive in our cities and also the urban parts of our cities will improve. In addition people in the municipality, who are responsible for city planning, should not allow any more companies with a vast number of employees settle down in the center of the large cities because they will establish in the cities and relocating them will be harder than now.

Between 7 am to 9 am and between 4 pm to 6 pm are rush hours in our cities. By managing our time we will have good solution for the traffic. Those hours should not conflict with the hours which kids go to school or when they come back. Those hours should not conflict with the hours that banks start to work or finish their work .If it does conflict we should change our schools hours or our banks hours. By changing these schedules, the traffic will be significantly lighter because we had reduced the number of cars in the street in a certain time.

We need to encourage people to use the public transportation system, such as, metro, train, buses or even shuttle. To achieve this goal, we can return part of the taxes belong to the people who used metro for a year, or a family who have just one family car. Also by increasing the number of buses in our cities, people will encourage to use buses. By purchasing a couple of hundred new modern and elegant buses also we can catch everybody's attention to use them.

These three solutions will make traffic lighter, but certainly will not solve the traffic problems. Finally by training our next generation to replace a bicycle with a car in the short trip .we will solve the traffic problems slowly over the years.

In between the first and second sentence, it would be great to add another sentence to help introduce the topic. Tell a little more about the situation in the second sentence, and then write the third sentence Traffic may cause chemical pollution and also sound pollution. By m oving big companies from cities to countryside, managing the conflict hours, and encouraging people to use public transportation, we will overcome this problem.

That way, paragraph one will have 3 sentences instead of 2.

This has excellent structure, because paragraph 1 tells 3 ideas and then the 3 body paragraphs present the ideas. Great job!! The conclusion, like the intro, needs to be longer. Add a sentence!!! You are doing great.

Finally, by training our next generation to use a bicycle rather than a car for any short trip, we will solve traffic problems slowly over the years.

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