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Artists For Gcse Art Coursework

Project structure

At the end of the course you submit a portfolio of evidence, representing around 45 hours of work. This is normally made up of two coursework projects. A project includes preparatory studies and a final piece.

A project is the work you do exploring a theme or brief. It includes your preparatory work, normally in the form of a sketchbook, and a final piece. You need to show you have met all the assessment objectives in each project.

Although you can attempt the assessment objectives in any order, it is advisable to work methodically through a project. An example of how you could structure your project is below:

  • AO3 - Initial ideas and response to the theme (spider diagrams and quick notes or drawings)
  • AO3 - Drawing (from observation in a variety of materials) and photographs
  • AO1 - Research into relevant artists
  • AO2 - Experimentation and developing ideas for a final piece
  • AO4 - Final piece (10 hours)

Find out more about the Assessment Objectives.

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