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02.04 Coming To America Assignment Satisfaction

Unformatted text preview: When you arrive, you will be Fnger prinTed and , questoned abouT your background, and also questoned abouT your politcal views. as well if you can speak ±uenT spanish and if you have a purpose Their. What types of jobs are available for people from that home country? You would probably move To ±orida, where you would Fnd communites like Miami Or ²ampa You would Then begin working aT really any job ThsT FTs your back ground. Where are immigrants from the home country likely to se±le? Why? You would mosT likely se³le in a neighborhood where fellow immigranTs from your counTry se³led. ²his would allow for you To uphold Traditons keep laguage boundaries What will life be like once the immigrants are se±led in the United States? I Think iT would be kinda di´culT aT FrsT, especially having To geT used To living in your new lifestyle. A new home, new job, the new envioriment,and new people.It will all take a toll on you. As Tme progresses, you will begin to adjust...
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02.04 Assignment For this assessment, you may write either a letter to a friend or family member back home or a guide about immigration for people hoping to come to the United States, to explain what the process will be like. Your letter or guide should be written from the point of view of an Asian or European immigrant in the early 1900s. Letter If you choose to write a letter, be sure to consider the following in your response:  Where are you from?  Why did you leave your homeland?  How was your journey to the United States?  What happened to you when you arrived?  What is your new life like in America? Where do you live and what do you do every day?  What di±culties do you face because of who you are, where you came from, or where you live now? Dear friend, How are you doing? I hope alright. I am not doing so well, things are complicated here! I came all the way from France to New York. I decided to live my home town because I

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