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Printable Math Homework For Kindergarten

Kindergarten Math

In kindergarten math, kids will be learning to count to at least 20, write numbers and recognize basic shapes. Kindergarten will also expose them to the concepts of more or less, and addition and subtraction. As you can see, it's a big year for math learning! You can support skill development with these supplemental learning activities:

  • Have fun with dominoes! Take turns with your child picking up tiles. The person with the most dots on their tiles gets to keep it and the person with the biggest tile at the end wins.
  • Play the game of UNO with your child, which provides multiple opportunities for reinforcing number sense.
  • Draw a shape on a piece of paper and ask kids to draw the same shape, then talk about the name of the shape.
  • Download and print some of the worksheets on Education.com that are specific to the core math skills in the kindergarten curriculum.
  • For a more general look at math concepts, browse all of our math worksheets.

Free simple math worksheets

Print out these free pdf worksheets to help your kids learn simple math concepts. 

For kids still learning to recognize numbers and to count, try our kindergarten numbers and counting worksheets.  For more advanced students, a wide range of free grade 1 to grade 6 math worksheets are provided in our free math worksheet section.


Learn to recognize and continue patterns with our free pattern worksheets.

More than / less than

Learn concepts related to more, less, most, least and so on with our free more than - less than worksheets.


Learn basic concepts related to measurement with our free measurement worksheets.


Learn how to recognize and count coins with our free money worksheets.


Learn about bar charts with our free graphing worksheets.


Learn basic addition skills with our free addition worksheets.


Learn basic subtraction skills with our free subtraction worksheets.


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