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Sample Cover Letter Disney Job

Thinking about applying for a Disney Professional Internship? Below are a few tips from our Disney Professional Internship Recruiters!


“Remember to proofread your résumé – any extra set of eyes is a good one.”
Erica, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts


“We love to hear your passion for our specific industry in your interview!”
Jen, The Walt Disney Studios


“Make sure your résumé showcases how effective you are, not just how busy you are.”
Elaine, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts


“When it comes to fonts on your résumé, I would encourage you to utilize a basic font. Sometimes, when using unique fonts you run the risk of the résumé not formatting correctly when being viewed electronically by recruiters and hiring managers.”
Sarah, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts


“Don’t forget to put a link on your résumé to your online portfolio if it is applicable to the position you are applying to.”
Melissa, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts


“If you have an interview coming up, do your homework. You don’t have to be an expert on all things Disney, but you should be able to:

  • Talk about why you are interested in the role.
  • Understand the job description.
  • Relate your own experience to the position.”

Andrea, Disney Professional Internship Recruiter


“Many of our roles require specific technical skills, so make sure to read job descriptions thoroughly.”
Ben, Disney ABC Television Group – NY


“When interviewing for a position, make sure to do some research on the business and a solid knowledge of the type of work they do. Your research will show that you have a vested interest and a willingness to learn and grow.”
Chris, Disney ABC Television Group – CA


“Remember when applying to an internship to really read through the job description. Not only to ensure you meet the qualifications of the job, but to ensure it is a place you could see yourself launching your career.”
Juliana, Disney Interactive


“Practice your Elevator Speech – make it natural, concise and relevant.”
Ernesto, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts


“When interviewing, remember to be Punctual, Prepared and Positive (the 3 P’s).”
Keri, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts


“Create a professional presence on your voicemail message when you are actively applying for internships.”
Susan, ESPN


“When applying, carefully read the job description, and tailor your résumé to include the important keywords.”
Dani, Corporate


“Include a cover letter even if it’s not required. Make sure your cover letter is specific to the position and, when appropriate, add some creativity or storytelling.”


“Positions are all over the country so please make sure that the posting you apply for is a city you can work in!”
John, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts

    09/2016 to 01/2017
    Merchandise- Disney College ProgramWalt Disney World Resort - Orlando, FL
    • Hand selected by Disney leaders to be in the opening cast of Disney's new store D-Living in the Disney Springs area of the Walt Disney Resort.
    • Selected for exceptional customer service, hard working nature, trustworthiness and ability to learn fast.
    • Responsible for interacting with thousands of guests from all over the world creating magical moments by selling tangible memories.
    • Position also included meeting and exceeding quarterly sales quotas, stocking and restocking inventory when shipments were received, recommending merchandise based on customer needs and administering all point of sale opening and closing procedures.  
    09/2013 to 05/2016
    HostessRed Lobster - Newnan, GA
    • Interacted with every guest that enters the restaurant.
    • Welcomed each guest with kindness and hospitality.
    • Took on the leadership role amongst the other hosts.
    • Maintained a clean and professional demeanor.
    Seeking employment with a company where I can use my talents and skills to grow and expand the company. I want to be part of the success in an environment of growth and excellence.
    April 2016
    Bachelor of Science: Mass communicationsUniversity of West Georgia - Carrollton, GA
    • Marketing minor
    • 3.0 GPA
    • Relevant coursework: Public Relations Campaigns, Public Relations Writing and Public Relations Management

    • Time management
    • Problem solving skills
    • Communication skills
    • ​Money management 
    • Strong work ethic 

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