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Essay Writing Services Scams Involving

A good academic assignment writing agency or a genuine academic writer is a rare breed. Sure, there are several academic writing agencies in the market but 60% of them are scanners and supply plagiarised, duplicate and poor quality essays or dissertations or theme papers research works and assignments. Beware of such scammers who will take your money and run leaving you with a bad quality academic paper and an even worse grade. Learn about the distinctive features of genuine academic writing teams.

Look for the A-T-E-K Principle

If you want to understand genuine qualities of academic writing teams then you have to understand the A-T-E-K principle. The qualities of genuine academic writers are affordable, trustworthy, experienced and knowledgeable. If the academic writer whom you are looking at has all these qualities then it’s more or less sure that your essays, dissertations will be done on time and has good academic writing quality. Scam academic writing agencies usually lack two or more of these abilities and this is how you can identify and avoid them.

Originality Guaranteed

Genuine academic writing agencies have experts of academic subjects who are individually well versed in writing assignment, dissertations and other paper submissions. Talented academic writers can glance at your given syllabus and find out your academic writing specifications in a jiffy. Real academic writers never copy from the web through any unguaranteed source.


These academic writers are smart enough to understand that originality in these papers is what professors will look at. Only 100 % secure and verified academic papers/research documents/genuine academic contents sourced from online and offline sources are used. Academic writing especially genuine true blue academic writing is all about quality, originality and dedication. In sharp contrast scam academic writing teams (who have now flooded the internet) simply copy chunks of material from non academic sources on the web.

Pay After You Get Results

Never trust a scam academic writer or a spurious academic writer who keeps on asking for credit card information, personal details etc. professional academic writers do not do these things and these genuine academic experts  will only ask for payment after submission of academic term paper and dissertation.


Anybody who has not submitted the academic paper yet and is still asking for money is not a genuine academic writer and is probably an academic writing scammer. If you look around on the Internet you will see lots of academic writing scammers with negative WOM (word of mouth) trails on discussion boards and academic writing hiring boards. Be aware of such academic writing crammers who submit plagiarised academic papers. Worse still, these academic writing scammers can take money and not deliver quality work. A little caution will go a long way in saving your academic grades and money.

Expert Third Party Opinion

If you are a sincere student who believes “academic writing professional help is cheating” then you need to read up our next blog which talks about “why genuine academic writing help companies are not helping students cheat?”. For the time being, understand very carefully why academic papers need to have an expert and genuine third party input of an academic writer. Even if your academic papers is written by you and is original and of decent quality; professional academic writers will help you understand the shortcomings. Your academic paper will become more fined, high quality and more deserving of a better grade after expert inputs given by genuine academic writers.


With time your personal academic writing skills will improve after seeing the delivered academic essay or dissertation submitted by genuine academic writers. You will slowly gain confidence in academic writing abilities under expert help of genuine academic writers. You will thank your good judgement and this article for directing you towards genuine academic writing service.

Image credit by brw.com.au

Let me see if I get this right. . . you are complaining about the quality of essays written for you by someone else? Essays you then turn in as your own work in order to get credit in college courses?

People, people, people!

Please think about this. Plagarism (turning in someone else's work as if it were your own) is one of the nastiest things a college student can do to themselves.

1. The purpose of written essays in most college classes is to figure out where the students are in understanding the material covered in class. How could a faculty member meet the needs of students if their written work indicates that they don't need any further explanation?

2. It is plain and unqualified cheating. Honest students actually write their own papers and receive grades for their own work. Most of these grades have some "curve" to the grading: A paper will score much higher if its quality is much better than the rest of the essays. Therefore, if you are tossing into the pile essays not written by a student but by someone who may have never even heard of your school you are lowering the grades of the other students. This is not a "victimless" crime.

3. If the purpose of an education for yourself is to simply get a piece of paper that claims to be a degree--just to have that paper--then don't bother going to a school that requires essays or any course work.

There are plenty of "buy your own degree with no work and no prerequisites" places. These schools (actually they aren't schools, they are more like human feedlots cramming as many students through as possible) are themselves fraudulent businesses. They claim to be a legitimate school and they are not. So why should you expect fair treatment from a business that is based on immoral or even illegal activity?

If you know that some group of people are thieves, don't buy their stuff. Why should they treat you well? They just want your money. Isn't this obvious?

4. If you want a real education, then write your own papers. Hire someone to help edit your work (with permission of faculty) after you have written it to correct grammatical and other mechanical errors if you must, but how will you learn anything by not doing the most important assignments?

There are always dumb people around, and some of them are faculty. Still, a good student can learn from anyone--only the poor student must have the best teachers in order to learn. But anyone involved in higher education as a real educator and not some poser knows full well that much--or perhaps most--of the students will learn more from the process of writing a paper than they will learn from just sitting at a desk for hours at a time.

Most of us learn far more by doing things than by just passively sitting and hearing someone else tell us "the right answers." The information you learn in a college class is almost worth nothing when compared to how "learning how to learn" will help students. After all, whatever you learn in any class today is going to be obsolete in a few years. So why bother focusing so much on rote learning? Instead, learn how to be a lifelong learner, how to take advantage of the resources available, how to go about reading important information in a careful and even critical way, and how to read texts so that you really do "get it" rather than just flipping through and memorizing a few definitions, formulas and factoids.

College should be about learning, not about memorizing!

So not only do you take a huge risk by doing business with thieves but you are cheating yourself. If you pay money for your education you really should make an effort to benefit from the opportunity to learn that your money has purchased. Notice the difference: You don't buy a degree at a legitimate college--you buy an atmosphere where you will be most likely to discover how you learn, how to challenge your own beliefs as well as the claims of others, and ultimately how you can keep learning after you get your degree.

Not all online essay writing is intended to plagiarize. Not all essays online are meant to be turned in as a student's own work--some are intended to be a special form of customized information to help an individual person who wants to learn more. So some essays-for-hire are legitimate. But all illegitimate companies will use some form of "essays for hire" as part of their scheme to cheat others.

I can't see how most of the "buy your essay" services could operate without knowing very well that they are supplying the tools with which students will cheat themselves and others. Doesn't it strike you as a huge problem? Even though most of these services will have standard disclaimers on their contracts stating that the customer (you) will not use their products to cheat, I've got to believe that everyone knows that they would not have enough customers to support a business if there were no cheating.

5. Plagiarism is a huge risk. For your entire life you will be vulnerable because of your decision to cheat. If you are ever going to be at the top of your field, it will be worth someone's time to check into your possible use of essay writing services, or other cheats. Even years after the fact, evidence that you plagiarized in college will be enough to seriously setback, or to ruin, your whole professional career. Is actually writing your own essays worth this risk?

6. College professors are usually not entirely stupid people. Some are really bright, some are not. Some really care from the depths of their souls about creating a situation in which students can enjoy the excitement of learning. Some just want to give their same old tired lectures, re-use their worn out assignments and tests, and to push the students through with as little effort as possible.

Chances are you will find some faculty much closer to one extreme than to another.

So plagiarizing won't probably ever be found out in the classes of the "zombie teacher." But when you find yourselves in a class of someone who loves to help people learn, your cheating is likely to stick out.

For example, let's say that in a particular class you need to write an essay covering some part of the course. Then later, there is an essay test about the same material. If you turn in a great paper and completely bomb the written essay, don't you think that anyone who cares about learning will figure out that the person who answered the essay test question is not the person who wrote the paper on the same topic!

Get help with editing, hire a tutor, ask to see if there are writing support services at your college, or just drop the pretense at all and write a check to get your diploma. It just doesn't make sense to try and pretend you are actually benefiting from what could be one of the most mind-expanding periods of your entire life when you can just fork out a few bucks and not have to go through the learning process yourself.


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