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No Homework Tonight Song 80s

So, tonight's the night, and you're bringing that lucky guy or girl back to your place to seal the deal. You know you've got to prep the scene, so you go down the list of elements to make the night extra special. Love notes arouse the mind. Red wine gets the blood flowing. Home-cooked dinners are thoughtful. Incense sets the mood. Rose petals and bubble baths are a nice touch (even if they're a little cliche, fellas). But when it comes time to actually seal the deal, nothing does the trick like playing the right slow jam. You can have all the elements in place, but without a playlist of the best songs to get you in the mood, you may end up shut out of any action, despite all your best efforts. And nobody wants that.

So, before you invite your lover to lay down, fire up the Spotify, make sure your Pandora subscription is paid (you do not want those ads popping in at the wrong time and cramping your style), or get your Apple Music playlist up to date and make sure the soundtrack to your night is lined up in advance.

If you need some help getting started, look no further than the list we've cobbled together below. We're talking all time classics here, along with some favorites from the modern day's most reliable babymaking hitmakers, like Beyonce, Jeremih, and The-Dream. We also got some Marvin Gaye, some Luther Vandross, a little Anita. We got some Ready for the World, some New Edition, some Minnie Ripperton, and 94 more songs to really set the party off right. The rest, though, is up to you. All we ask, is that in the climactic moment, you make your lover scream out, "Complex presents the 100 Songs to Get You in the Mood!"

rabblerouser4:55 PM - 26 October, 2006

i don't really care about the definition of hit versus classic so much, i'm just enjoying the process of reaching back deep into my brain for some old jams.

where are you at osiris? the bay?

i got a hug from one of the conscious daughters after seeing them open for the coup a couple years ago. i honestly don't remember which one, but they were very gracious and just happy to be performing.

i agree that 415 was just a decent album.

speaking of no face, i know he's got lots of 'classic material' and that he's produced a ton of hits, but does anyone think it's fair to say that 45 king's '900 number' makes him a one hit wonder as a solo artist?

anyone remember cpo? or that blonde who had a single produced by dre? was her name terry b or something like? i just remember her horrible lyrics like, "i'm not black, i'm white, so believe the hype!" that got much play on yo! and cmc.

related to this, maybe it should be another thread, but does anyone have memories of hating now classic joints when they first came out. i won't front, here are some that i really disliked at first:
-they reminisce over you
-juice (know the ledge)
-i get around
-g thang
-it takes two
-backseat of my jeep
-just to get a rep
-method man
-player's club

i can't believe i just admitted that.

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