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Gameprotv Ps3 Analysis Essay

Essay on Analysis of Video Game Systems

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Analysis of Video Game Systems

The consumer video game systems offer an exciting opportunity to discuss and analyze the design of technology based on the strategy of each of the players within the industry. We will focus our analysis on the next generation of video consoles: Nintendo’s Wii, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3).

First, we will analyze the targeted customer and the proposition designed by each company to attract them. In this part, there is a description of each market target and how each company has taken advantage of each unique position in the industry.

In the second part, we will describe the technology developed to support each strategy. As well as the cost of the components associated with each…show more content…

Target Customers and Industry Proposition.
Microsoft introduced the new console (Xbox 360) one year before Sony, the industry leader, unleashed the PS3. Microsoft with the first mover advantage built a large customer base and has the largest library of games. The PS3 console has the best raw power and blue-ray capabilities. Nintendo, although with the less advanced console (Nintendo Wii), has successfully distinguished itself from their competitors with an innovative controller whith motion-sensor capabilities.
Overall, the market response to these three consoles has been surprising. Nintendo Wii, has outsold its rivals and more surprisingly, Sony’s PS2 has outsold PS3. This has let Microsoft and Sony with the enormous challenge of competing with a rival possessing two key advantages: a lower cost console and a product with a sound response in the market.
Both Sony and Microsoft focused their efforts on hard-core gamers and offering processing power and cutting-edge features to attract them. On the other hand, Nintendo has been trying to attract new customers that traditionally are non-gamers. The

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