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5 Paragraph Essay Dream House

RE: Dream House 4/1-4/7

by Petra » Tue Apr 01, 2008 8:51 pm

I arise early as I often do, stumbling in the faint light of dawn to the floor to ceiling windows. I’m no morning person, that’s for sure but I have always loved to see the sunrise. I feel cheated if it slips by while I sleep.
I grasp the cool metal handle of the oversize, pane less, French doors, barely an arm in my hastily grabbed robe. The stone is cold on my bare feet and I stub my toe as I close the door behind me. The porch is entirely constructed of stone and very deep with no ledge to obscure the view. The house is large, circular with an enclosed courtyard to the rear. The stone porch encircles the entire home, along with the floor to ceiling windows and French doors. I begin my walk around the porch as the sun just breaches the horizon in earnest. I hear the slightest stirrings of the animals around me in the new light. A bird calls, breaking the silence. I sense movement at the tree line many yards away and turn to see a young fawn still wearing his spots bound into the shadows and safety of the woods. I continue, enjoying the cool mist that settles damply on the bare skin of my face and legs. I breathe in the smell of the earth and finding the best vantage point to greet the sun, I stand in awe as it rises before me.
I hear the faintest, muffled whine behind me. I turn to see Freud, my Border collie waiting at the French door that opens to the library. Although he was an unusually patient dog, even he had his limits. There was a time when he would accompany me on my dawn walks around the house but once having taken chase to a doe and her fawn, I spent an unsettling amount of time calling to him as I wandered barefoot through the woods. Instead, he would now follow my route around the house from the interior, window to window, door to door. Now that I was sure the coast was quite clear, I let him out to nose around the grass and the willow tree below the covered porch. Freud quickly rejoined me as I entered the library and went on through to the great room that contained the living room, dining room, kitchen and billiard area. I poured a large cup of strong espresso roast and went down the wide hall to the foyer, taking a right to my office and studio. I set the mug down and glanced at the fax, in the hopes my latest book offer had been sent early. Nothing yet but I wasn’t surprised. Ned, my agent had specifically told me I wouldn’t hear anything till the end of the week and it was only Tuesday after all. Since I’d gone to bed early, book in hand as usual, I noticed I had some messages on the machine. It seemed they were coming to clean the indoor pool this morning which was good since Tommy was doing the windows today. Ned had set-up the book signing in Paris for the French language version of my fifth novel, although I was now working on my seventh. It had taken a lot longer to catch on in Europe. He had arranged for a private charter so I could take Freud with me again, sans quarantine. Very good. Paul, my running partner had cancelled on me for this morning, some vague and vaguely annoying excuse about a flooded basement and a burst pipe? I wasn’t even sure he had a basement. poop unicorns and rainbows. I had wanted to bounce some ideas off him about some copywriting I was doing as a favor for my sister. That I have a potty mouth was probably just using our morning run time as an excuse to stick it to his newest mistress. I’d threatened to tell Wendie, his wife on more than a few occasions but he always called my bluff. We’d been friends for twenty years and even though I was a woman and was more apt to side with the wife, I knew where my loyalty lay. Despite his flakiness, Paul had always been there for me when it counted, and I was loathe to be hypocritical since....... -Petra


Product Description

This is probably my students' favorite writing project of the year! Students design, draw, and write about the house of their dreams!

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-Publishing Papers

This project also contains:
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