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Essay Body Paragraph Tips To Lose Weight

Diets are advertised daily, in magazines and on television. They are hawked by athletes and celebrities alike. The Atkins diet was the fad for a while, replacing the earlier trend of diet pills and the Slim Fast milkshake. Yet, medical doctors say fad dieting does not work. So what is going on here? If diets don’t work, why are people perpetually trying them? Well, people want them to work. They often hope for a quick-fix or miracle result. The truth is, though, the best way to lose weight is through a nutritious, portion-controlled diet and proper exercise.
The word ‘diet’, in itself, is not a bad one. A diet is what a person or species eats. A diet in the terms of a fad strategy or a short-term process is what is negative. By restricting food intake drastically, even for a few weeks, the body will suffer. A person on a ‘bad’ diet might not get enough calories, fibre, or protein that the body needs. The immune system might weaken, and malnutrition is even possible. Dieters who cut out carbohydrates might not understand the difference between good and bad ones, and eliminate foods that the body needs. Other negative effects of trend dieting are hair loss, headaches, fainting, depression, a lowered sex drive, and fatigue. Besides, according to the famous Mann study, people who temporarily diet and then return to earlier eating patterns usually gain back the weight they lost – or more so!
So what are good eating strategies? Well, people need to listen to their doctors. A balanced diet, with protein, good carbohydrates, and plenty of fruits and vegetables is the best. Snacks and treats, like pop and chips, should be minimized. That doesn’t mean you can never have a slice of cake, just a small one, and not every day. Drinking water is helpful in so many ways, helping with metabolism and preventing dehydration. Fad or short-term diets should be avoided, and long-term food patterns need to be changed. And exercise is a must. It is recommended that people exercise sixty minutes a day. This will help them maintain a healthy body weight.
Of course, changing patterns and routines is not the easiest course of action. People eat foods that are bad for them because they are tasty and because they’ve done it before. Ever thought of going to a movie and not ordering popcorn? Restraint isn’t easy. But, luckily, movie theatres, grocery stores, and restaurants are offering healthier food options. It’s just the behaviour of the consumer that needs to be altered. It’s best that people change their food habits slowly, making a few changes each day or week, instead of trying to change everything in one go. And restricting food intake, by eating fewer meals a day is not advisable. That will put the body in ‘survival mode’, causing it to hold onto every calorie it does get, and can cause anxiety and depression. Eating three meals a day, or even 5-6 smaller ones, is good for the body and for maintaining a healthy weight.
In conclusion, the best advice for anyone worried about their weight is to eat healthy and exercise how and when they can. There are very few quick-fix solutions in the world for dealing with money, work … or even losing weight. Manage your food intake by thinking about eating smaller amounts and eating more veggies.

Thesis statement of this essay
The thesis of this essay is that the best way to lose weight is to eat a balanced diet of proper portions and to exercise regularly. ( “The truth is, though, the best way to lose weight is through a nutritious, portion-controlled diet and proper exercise”). The statement in the opening paragraph is proved by the information found in the three body paragraphs which explain a) why fad/short-term diets are bad, b) explaining what a person should do if they want to lose weight, and c) explaining why people have difficulty changing habits. Through the discourse of the essay, the difference between diet patterns and ‘fad’ dieting are explained, as well as the disadvantages of the latter.


en español5 formas de alcanzar (¡y mantener!) un peso saludable

5 Ways to Reach (and Maintain!) a Healthy Weight

Diets aren't the way to go when it comes to losing weight. That's because they create temporary eating patterns — and, therefore, temporary results. Most dieters gain back any lost weight when they go back to their old eating habits.

So what's the best way to drop excess weight? Create a new normal!

Weight loss is most likely to be successful when people change their habits, replacing old, unhealthy ones with new, healthy behaviors. Here are 5 ways to make that happen:

  1. Exercise. Regular physical activity burns calories and builds muscle — both of which help you look and feel good and keep weight off. Walking the family dog, cycling to school, and doing other things that increase your daily level of activity can all make a difference. If you want to burn more calories, increase the intensity of your workout and add some strength exercises to build muscle. The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn, even when you aren't exercising.
  2. Reduce screen time. People who spend a lot of time in front of screens are more likely to be overweight. Set reasonable limits on the amount of time you spend watching TV, playing video games, and using computers, phones, and tablets not related to school work. Be sure to set aside enough time to exercise every day and get enough sleep.
  3. Watch out for portion distortion. Big portions pile on extra calories that cause weight gain. Sugary beverages, such as sodas, juice drinks, and sports drinks, are empty calories that also contribute to obesity. So choose smaller portions (or share restaurant portions) and go for water or low-fat milk instead of soda.
  4. Eat 5 servings of fruits and veggies a day. Fruits and veggies are about more than just vitamins and minerals. They're also packed with fiber, which means they fill you up. And when you fill up on fruits and veggies, you're less likely to overeat.
  5. Don't skip breakfast.Breakfast kickstarts your metabolism, burning calories from the get-go and giving you energy to do more during the day. People who skip breakfast often feel so hungry that they eat more later on. So they get more calories than they would have if they ate breakfast. In fact, people who skip breakfast tend to have higher BMIs than people who eat breakfast.

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